Set Up IVF#1

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Set Up IVF#1

DH and I discussed our options. We are going to try 1 cycle with my eggs...attempt it atleast. We are doing a december cycle. ER will be roughly January 8-15. 3-5 days after ER is my transfer. I am scared to death and praying it will work. I have my 2 classes in December and excited to do those! I'm a little nervous about getting all this time off work. I know after ER I will need the night off because of the anesthesia and for transfer I need 24 hour bedrest. She told me my meds are BCP, Lupron, Follistim or Gonal F, progesterone (inject) and estrogen patches. Any input/experience/advice on those meds is welcomed!

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Glad you have a plan. I think it's good to try with your own eggs. I can understand being nervous about getting the time off of work. You are a nurse aren't you? I'm sure it can be difficult to get time off. I know it would've been for me had I still been working. I was so thankful I didn't have to add the stress of work into a cycle. I don't how you guys do it. I've pretty much used all of those meds. With the PIO shots make sure you warm up the med before injecting. If not, it's like injecting Karo syrup in your butt. I always put a heat pack on the injection site for about 10-15 minutes before, rubbed the site after injecting and put the heat pack back on. I also always made sure I changed injection sites. I'd move cheek to cheek. Once I had figured out that routine I'd rarely be sore. I also did that injection in the morning because it worked out well with DH's schedule. I know some women are told to do their's at night which I don't think really matters as long as you do it at the same time. I think doing it in the morning helped with soreness at the injection site also because you are up and moving that muscle throughout the day. I think that is the most brutal shot out of all of them. Follistim is simple. The Gonal-f may burn a bit on injection. I used Repronex which I think is similar and that one burned so I'd just inject it slowly. The first few times I had to have DH give just that one to me. The rest, except for the PIO, I did on my own. Also, when doing PIO, make sure you change out your needles. They should give you bigger needles to draw it up so make sure to switch them out. Good luck! You will be amazed at what you can do.

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So excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about it. Crossing fingers and toes!

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Great news! My injections are in my abdomen and so no help on the injections in your butt. One thing I was told when I was pregnant with Robbie and had gallstone issues is to rub the area after a needle to prevent "hard spots". I bruise easily so it that might have been what they were talking about. The stuff I take does not hurt at all, no stinging, nothing.

The website I gave you before fertility drug videos show you how the injections work.

Fingers and toes crossed for you!