So it begins...

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So it begins...

I went in for my appt yesterday (consult for FET) and the ball is rolling... I don't want to set myself up for a hurtful ending by assuming we will have the same (positive) result as last time but you almost can't help but to get excited and hopeful. So here is my timeline...

Lupron start: last night
End bcp: 18 Nov
15 Nov: ultrasound
22 Nov: ultrasound/bw
29 Nov: ultrasound/bw
06 Dec: ultrasound/bw
13 Dec: transfer
24 Dec: pregnancy test

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Yea for getting things moving. Hopefully you will have a nice little Christmas present this year.

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Yay!!:yahoo: I'm so happy for you.

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very exciting...what a great xmas gift you could be getting!!

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Woohoo!!! Congrats on getting started. A little optimism is a good thing!!