And so my journey begins....

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And so my journey begins....

Last month did Gonal F and IUI, unfortunately AF showed on CD 24, 9dpiui...really?! so strange, anyway RE says sometimes that can happen.

So Sunday I start birth control pills and begin to gear up for my first IVF cycle. The range of emotions I have are all over the board...excited, sad, nervous, scared, hopeful, you name it I feel it of have felt it. Because my left ovary is "shy" and hides behind my uterus, RE says more than likely he will only be able to retrieve eggs from my right. He also says that more than likely he will do a 3 day transfer because I will probably not have that many folllies. Not sure the pros and cons of 5 days vs 3 days but all I can do is trust my RE that he knows what is best. He also says that will use embryo glue if I want to help with "sticking."

Havent even started the process and I already feel overwhelmed....between the shots, the dr appointments, the expense, and the emotional toll I just pray for the strenghth to get through it.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!!


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So happy to meet you here Rachel!
I am a 'pro' IUI'r, did 6 I think and all bfn's. Glad you are not sticking around to do more of those and jumping into the 'big show'.

Don't worry about the 3vs5 day transfer. Thats exciting to start your meds, it means a timeline will have started.... each day closer to egg retrieval.

BTW, my anatomy is 'normal' however for some weird reason with my IVF cycle, my left ovary moved up... and made the retrieval difficult but not impossible. Even if they can only access one ovary that is FINE!


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Congrats on starting a cycle! Yes, it's a lot of emotions - but all worth it. Keep your focus on your dream of being a mommy and having a family and all the appointments, meds, etc fall into place.

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Hi Rachel! Congrats on starting up a new cycle!!! It is a range of emtions and towards the end of stimming, you're ready to be done....but always keep your eyes on the ultimate goal - having a family... You will get there..... All the poking and proding is worth it when you finally get to say I'm pregnant!! I'll be following your journey, so post to keep us updated and GOOD LUCK!!

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I will be stalking you! Good luck! I really hope this is your month!!!! Keep your eye on the prize and try and stay calm (ha, impossible, but try!) Smile :)

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Thank you everyone!! Love this site everyone is so kind...I will keep you posted!!

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Good luck with your cycle. I look forward to stalking you. All the best to you!!