So quiet .....

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So quiet .....

This board seems so quiet! Well, nothing new for me. I stopped my BCP and am continuing the lupron. My supression check is Wednesday. I sure hope everything goes as planned and we don't have anymore bumps in the road. I am thrilled to start my stims 11/20!!

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Yay!! I'm hopefully able to post more now that I'm heading back to work and don't have to drag out the ancient laptop at home. I'm so excited for you to start your stims in a week.

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This board goes in spurts with being busy. Just depends on how many are cycling. Good luck with your cycle. Glad you start stims soon!

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I lurk here all the I can check in on ya all. This board was great when I was going through my cycles .....I hope you all r doing well....

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I used to check in here constantly when I was cycling because it gave me something to do. Glad to hear you'll be starting your stims soon (I hope!). I'll be watching for your report tomorrow. Wink