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Started Luperon

Hi girls,
So I started Luperon on Christmas morning. It was a bit weird to be poking myself and not a patient!! I did it and every time since has been much easier. I start my follistim on Jan 1. Anyone get side effects from Luperon? I've been feeling emotional crying over tv shows and books. Any experience or input is appreicated! Just curious! Wink

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Glad things are starting for you. It is weird poking yourself and not a pt when you are a nurse. I don't remember any noticeable side effects from the lupron. Your emotions could just be from everything in general. You have a lot going on. Take care of yourself!

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Yay for starting your cycle! I couldn't give myself the shots, even though it was that tiny needle, my first IVF cycle but by the 2nd cycle I was over it and was able to give them to myself. The only side effect I had from Lupron was hot flashes. I agree the emotional stuff could just be the entire IVF process.. it is a lot to take in.

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I didn't have much side effects from the lupron but it wasn't a very high dose...


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Congrats for starting your cycle Kate! Can't wait to hear updates!

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Congrats on getting things started!