Started lupron last night...

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Started lupron last night...

It feels like we are finally on our way. Started lupron last night. Couldn't sleep either from coffee yesterday afternoon, excitement or the drug. It is going to be impossible to do it at exactly the same time every night due to lifestyle reasons and I hope an hour here or there doesn't make a difference.

They drew about 8 tubes of blood on Thursday - the OB panel. And today is my pap. My doc essentially requires the stuff they do to you when you first get pregnant before the IVF cycle. I understand that, but there is a decent chance it will all be for naught. Also, some of it just seems like a chance to get more money out of my insurance company (and my pocket).

I am going to be out of town when doing my first Gonal-F, Menopur, Leupron shots. Hope they won't be that hard to put together.

Anyone else done a similar protocol? Experiences?

We went with a doctor that has really good numbers and is only $8500 per cycle (without meds). Sometimes though I had wished we went somewhere where I didn't feel nickel and dimed the whole process. Maybe that is normal. I just wanted to make sure that if we needed more than one cycle that we could make it happen financially.


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Congrats on starting Lupron. I was always told you have an hour window on both sides. So if you take it at 8:00, you have between 7:00-9:00 to do it.

I think RE's want to do all those tests to make sure there is nothing going on with you that might decrease the odds of a successfuly cycle. I do think it is normal for REs to nickel and dime you. Other times when you go to the doctor all the cost is kind of put together as one charge but with IVF being cash pay they charge it out differently.

Good luck and keep us updated!

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Hello, and glad to hear you are on your way! I haven't done lupron yet, but will be doing gonal-F with menopur this time around. I am doing an antagonist protocol. Keep us posted on how things are going and good luck!