I haven't been over here much, but just read through this thread and wanted to add my experience with ICSI and telling work about IVF. We didn't have any male factor issues, but they used ICSI because we didn't have many eggs. I had five eggs the first cycle and only one fertilized (with ICSI). My second cycle produced seven eggs and two fertilized (ICSI again). I can't remember the cutoff number at my clinic, but they use ICSI if there aren't "many" (maybe the cutoff was five?). Not sure. ICSI does tend to increase the number fertilized though.

Glad to hear that your mom is supportive! It really helps to have a support system in place. My mom didn't know when we were going through IVF cycles (she lives in another part of the country and we don't talk to each other very often), but my MIL knew (and was very supportive). I was a little vague with work and just let my boss know that I had a treatable medical condition that required monitoring for a short period. I let him know that I would not always know dates/times for monitoring until I had results from my appointments. If you're comfortable telling your boss, go for it. I just wasn't really comfortable talking to him about it. I would tell my current boss though.