Taking a break

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Taking a break

I'm not feeling much better since last week (and the 2 hrs on Wednesday that DH spent telling me that I'm such a negative person and I need to snap out of it and that I'm running all of our friends off with my negativity didn't help either). I looked into counseling but none of it is covered by insurance and the flipping woodpecker is back so any leftover $ (aside from DH's "toy fund") is going towards home repairs. So in an effort to not spread my ickiness, I'm going to take a little break from here and hope that Santa brings me a new attitude for Christmas - oh yeah, I don't get any presents this year. :rolleyes: Hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and good luck to everyone awaiting transfers.

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I completely understand ... and regardless of what anyone says - its normal and you are not being negative. Its a hard thing to deal with and no one, even the DH's of infertility dont know... in a book I read the author said regardless of what the reason for infertility (even a male factor), its always the woman's problem to bear as they have to endure all the medical appts, emotional roller coasters, etc. While I have no advice to give you, other than to try to keep your head up.... know that if you ever need to chat, we are here!!

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We'll miss you around here but I completly understand about needing a break. Hope you have a great Christmas!

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I had to go away for over a year myself to free my mind from it all. Hopefully, you will have a peaceful holiday! See you back soon!!

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You will be missed. Please don't leave if you think we are bothered by how your feeling and saying. We totally understand the negativity. If your leaving just because u need a break then that's understandable.

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:bigarmhug: Don't feel like you can't vent your frustrations here. That's one of the values of this board. We'll be here for you when you decide to return. May you have a peaceful and blessed holiday season!