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    I check in on here every now and then but we are not cycling (nor do we plan to anytime soon) but I try to read and keep up with everyone else's journey. Excited to follow you kate... hoping for a terrific outcome!
    ~Meg, 27

    DH Andrew, 31

    TTC #1 since April 2010
    Unexplained IF
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    9/12 IVF #1= BFN
    12/12 IVF #2= BFN

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    hey ladies - i'm still out there....waiting for my FET.... **child mentioned**

    we were thinking we'd be ready to go by Jan, but in Nov, that meant i'd have to start pills and i had done a 3day ultrasound which found some 'stork bites' i'd have to do a saline ultrasound to be sure all was well, and i said uh, yeah, we'll wait til the saline...... come dec, i got my AF right around the holidays, and the dr was busy and on vacation, etc so it got pushed to jan. So, come jan, i almost didn't make it either as there were no openings and i was ready to say screw this, this is's not like i can PLAN for my AF to come (it happened to come a week early this month) and they called me back saying they just had someone i had a apt.... saline went well - stork bite was a little tiny scar from the placenta from my everything is ready to go. We're waiting on my next period in Feb where i will call and start BCP. We are planning an early APril transfer - APril 3rd or 4th i think...i don't think we'll have enough time to do a March transfer, so hopefully all will go well and april it is. I have really given it all up to God.....i was a tiny bit frustrated when they couldn't get me in, cuz i'm also in the mood of alright, let's go!! but i'm also trying to get super healthy and lose some weight, so it's a few more months for me to do so.... so now we wait.

    we recieved some great news recently after talking with my mom about going through this again - we weren't going to tell anyone IRL, but i need someone to talk to about it and so i am letting my mom know what's up.....i've been secretly anxious about if it doesn't work how much money we are throwing down the tubes, but at the same time, how we'd be able to afford to do another FET soon after......i felt like there's a lot of pressure on this cycle for it to work - as insurance covers nothing......i didn't mention it to anyone, cuz i feel like ppl would be like duh, don't have anymore! Anyways, my mom just let us know that her and my dad will help us until our embies are used up (we have 5 left)...which is a huge burden lifted and i am not even sweating this cycle for finincial reasons (nervous about it for a million other ones) but one less thing to have to stress about.... we're still paying out of this from our savings and using pretty much all of it, but at least i know we can do another cycle soon after if this one doesn't work the way we hoped. So, i'm here and there.....

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    Julie...thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to following you. Glad things finally worked out and you can get an idea when to plan a transfer. That's very sweet of your mom and dad to offer to help you pay for further FET. That takes a big burden away.

    Meg-30 DH-42

    2 IUI's-BFN
    IVF #1-cancelled d/t embryos arresting before transfer (3/09)
    IVF #2-BFP 9wks-7/30/09 (6/09)
    IVF #3-BFN (5/10)

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