Thinking of TTC again

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Thinking of TTC again

Hi everyone,

My name is Mirela and I've been here last year. After one cancelled and one unsuccessful IVF cycle, DH and I decided to quit TTC. However, I got severely depressed and that led to some intense therapy. We found out that my depression stems from the finality of our decision and not because of the unsuccessful IVF. I have been feeling really good for the past six months and we are revisiting the idea of another cycle.

Right now I am slowly doing the required tests and hoping for better results.

Good luck to all! Lots of baby dust Smile I hope to catch up with everyone soon!

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Welcome back!!! Sometimes what we think are the best decisions may not be. I'm glad you were able to explore your feelings and find the root of your depression. Hope you continue to keep doing well. Join us over on the chat thread. We need more ppl!!

PS....I never knew what your "real" name was. What a beautiful name!

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Welcome back! Good Luck!

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That's a bold move right there. It's nice to know that you're welcoming the idea of trying out again. One thing I have to say is just be positive and keep yourself in good shape. Best of luck, darl. Smile