Third Beta and a question (mc ment)

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Third Beta and a question (mc ment)

So I know I'm more of a taker than a giver on this board, and that's mostly because I am so new to all this I have no advice and I don't even begin to know what to say to those of you who have been on this journey for so long.

But you're a wealth of information and advice and I SO appreciate it.

My beta Monday was 153 and Wednesday it crept up to 190. I had a repeat today, and it went down to 160. Sad We obviously have a chemical pregnancy.

From what I've read, it's semi-good news though? The fact that the embies implanted solidly means everything's probably ok on my end but for whatever reason they didn't continue to develop properly? Or is it possible that my body rejected the blasts? Would they have implanted at all if that happened?

Does anyone know how common this is in IVF with donor eggs? I know my clinic claims a 90-something percent success rate by three attempts for gestational surrogates, but when I'm sad or worried or nervous, I gather information. So that's what I'm hoping to do here, while I wait for all of these hormones to clear out of my body.


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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I don't have any answers for you but wanted to let you know that you and your IFs are in my prayers. It's a bummer to not know why this continue on to be a healthy pregnancy. How are your IFs dealing with the news?

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They're taking it hard, of course, but we all kind of expected it after hearing the number increased so slightly between Monday and Wednesday. Honestly, they are worried about ME, and that I'm physically ok. They're really sweet people.

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I'm really sorry. Sad

I think most of the chemical pregnancies result from an embryo that was chromosomally abnormal, not your body rejecting it. So it probably does bode well, in that you got pregnant. I think chances are that it was a fluke. I hope you are all doing OK.

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I'm so sorry to hear the news Sad I was really hoping. I think it's such a wonderful thing that you are doing for them.

A chemical pregnancy can happen to anyone... at anytime... so it's not you.

I hope next time brings a very sticky bean!!

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I don't have any advice on this, but still wanted to say I'm sorry. Sad

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((((HUGS)))) to all of you and all the best for your next attempt.

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CP ment

Mandie -

I had the same thing with my first FET. I had a CP after a beta of 33 and then 3 - which the RE was glad to know I could get pg. So the next FET I got pg with my son. So apparently its a good sign that the first one did "take". When will you try again?

With my CP - as soon as my next AF started that was CD1 for me and I started my estrace and my FET cycle then for FET #2. No down cycle was needed.

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Thanks for the info, Jenn. Glad to know it's not me! We have no frozen embies, so I have to downcycle on BPCs until a new donor is selected and synched. Beee

How long was it for you before AF? I've been off my meds since Friday, and no signs of her for me yet.

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Well - my beta when I got a 3 was on NYE (12/31) and I stopped PIO then and I believe I got her on Jan 4th or 5th - so it took 4-5 days before the m/c happened. It hurt worse than a regular AF though - so be prepared in case that happens for you. Then my next AF came like normal.

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I'm so sorry. Good luck with this upcoming cycle. I hope that you can get started again soon.

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*PG ment*

Hi there - So sorry to hear about the CP. I wanted to let you know that I agree with one of the pp who said that it's more a sign of embryo/egg quality than YOU. I've had three CP's and was eventually diagnosed with poor egg quality. I completed a DE cycle in March and it was successful, so I think another cycle will be just the trick for you! Good luck and keep us posted!