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Today's Appt

Nothing special just thought I would update you all... So my ultrasound looked good - "ovaries are quiet" she said, "thats what we like to see" and then I had my blood drawn and was told no news is good news and didnt hear anything back this afternoon so assuming all is well on that part. I started my estrace pills this afternoon as well and decreased my lupron from 20 units to 10 units. I am 32 years old and dont get me wrong, its not that I never break out but usually its only here or there but I feel like I have broken out the last week, more than I have in a long while - not full blown zits just bumps and blemishes but still! YIKES, I guess its the price we pay (or I pay LOL). And to make me feel better I am going to eat some chocolate chip cookies!! Smile

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Glad your appt went well. It's always nice to have uneventful appts. Maybe you are breaking out from stress. I'm 29 and I have acne like a teenager...I hate it!

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Glad to hear your ovaries are quiet! I'm sure the chocolate chip cookies will help with something! Wink

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Glad things went well. Enjoy those cookies.

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I'm glad you had a good appointment. Glad all is quiet. That sucks about the pimples. I broke out a little more then I do normally with the IVF. I contributed it to the fact that I get pimples during my period from the hormones so its no surprise that I did from the shots. Enjoy the cookies!

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