Today's appt (RE and acupuncture)

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Today's appt (RE and acupuncture)

Well today I just went in for my ultrasound and bloodwork - monitor. I have 2 weeks until the transfer and my lining is measuring at between 7 and 8 mm she said. Everything else is quiet as they said last time. The exciting part was I went in for my acupuncture - it was like a day at the spa! LOL I wasnt sure what to expect but I liked it! If it doesnt work for medical purposes, at least it gives me at excuse to relax, peacefully once a week haha I didnt feel anything as far as the needles and I even got a short massage after which was the best part! The plan for the acupuncture is to go in again after my follow up next week (so same appt times next week) and then since the acupuncturist is in the same building as my RE, after my transfer I will head over for a session and then go home to relax. I dont know what to think or believe as far as how it helps but it was nice. She was super nice and explained alot. Well thats it for me today!

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Glad everything is quiet and that you enjoyed your acupuncture session! I miss that deep relaxation. Wink

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Glad to hear things are going well. Sounds like nice relaxation time. My favorite part of yoga is at the very end when we are laying there relaxing and the yoga instructor comes and rubs our head with aromatherapy. It's very brief, but it's so nice.

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Glad that things are looking well for you.

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I may have missed a are doing a FET? Good will be here before you know it!!