Tranfer complete :)

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Tranfer complete :)

We transferred 2 blasts today Smile One the RE said was "perfect" and he rarely gets to transfer them. He said it is a level 5 and the other is a level 2. Going to research what that means;) Hoping for the best!!!

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Keeping my fingers and toes crossedddd glll!!

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Congrats on being PUPO with 2 beautiful embies!!! Don't get yourself too freaked out researching embie quality as every clinic rates them differently. When is your beta?

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Yay!! Exciting... now's the wait! I want to know too... when is your beta?!

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My beta is in 9 days 12/14...I will definitely be testing every day until then! I am an addict and am prepared with 50 test sticks :eek: and yes...I tested out my trigger:p

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Congrats! Stay rested.

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:woohoo: Congrats!! Good luck testing. I will definatly be stalking. Enjoy all that POAS! Can't wait to hear the results!!

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I can't wait til you POAS! 8 days and counting! Kepping my fingers crossed for you!!!!!