Transfer date set

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Transfer date set

Just got off the phone with the clinic. Our FET is set for Tuesday, Feb 7th. Biggrin I'm getting more and more excited the more "real" it becomes. I'm still incredibly nervous that the embies won't make it to thaw but I can't worry about that. DH won't be in town that week but I just think that it will *hopefully* be a funny story to tell the kid(s) later. Hope that everyone else is doing well.

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Jenni that's so exciting!!! Wishing you all the best!! And yes that will definitely be a funny story to tell your kids when they get older! Smile

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Congrats on getting a date set! It will be here before you know. It will be funny to tell your kids that their dad wasn't even in the same town when they were conceived. My DH would always come with me to my IUIs because if we couldn't do it the "natural" way he at least wanted to be in the same room and town as me. He could've gotten by without coming because he had frozen samples since he such low counts.

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That's soon! Good luck! Funny about hubby being far away for the transfer.....the wonders of technology. Should make the "how are babies made" conversation very interesting later on. Smile