Transfer done

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Transfer done

It's done, as of about noon today. Before hand, my doctor said we are transferring one good-looking embryo without any fragmentation. That made me feel good, since we are holding all hope on this one little embryo. Now, will it stick?!

My anxiety has resolved a lot. Nothing more I can do at this point, other than lie on the couch!

I wasn't expecting a picture of the little guy/girl in cellular form. It makes you feel a bit attached already.

Now to keep myself occupied during this weekend's bedrest......I see lots of television in my future.

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Congrats on one great embie to transfer!! Remember that it only takes one! (((STICKY VIBES)))

Remember you are PUPO so stay nice and comfy on the couch Smile

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Yahoo Congratulation on the great embryo! I am having everything crossed for you! Smile
When is your beta? Are you going to POAS?
((((((((((((((((STICKY VIBES)))))))))))))))))))

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Congrats!! Hope that you are able to have a restful and peaceful 2WW. KUP

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Congrats on being PUPO!!! Isn't the pic amazing. With my last ET they even gave me a pic of the teeny tiny embie inside of me. It just looked like a fleck of sand, but nonetheless amazing.