Trigger Question!

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Trigger Question!

I am 9dpo (11 days past trigger) and got a verrrrry faint line on a FRER on second morning urine and also pee that I had to squuueeeeeze out! It can still be the trigger right?

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I have no idea - so you can ignore my response Smile But I would think it has had time to get out of your system. When I tested I always waited 8-9 dp trigger. Maybe that's not the trigger you are getting on your test?!?! How exciting! I can't wait to see the updates.

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It can still be the trigger. I have gotten a line at 11DPO and it was still the trigger. I hope that when you test again in a couple of days that the line is much darker.

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What did you trigger with and how much? I know everybody's body is different with how long it takes to get the trigger out. I would think at 11 days post trigger it would be out. I really hope this is it for you and it's your BFP you've been dreaming of!!

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It's possible it's out of your system but it really depends on how strong your trigger was.
Test again tomorrow and see if the line gets darker.
I've got all my fingers crossed. Hope this is it