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    Default Update

    Just got the call from my RE. My levels have gone up but he still thinks that one more day of meds will get me the best shot at max number of eggies. ER is set for Thursday and transfer (Lord willing) will be on Sunday.

    I'm beginning to think that today's appt was an April Fool's joke but alas I don't think it is. My scan looked great! I had one 21 (never had one of those!!) as well as a few others in the 17-15 range but a few more. I talked to the dr again about the timing of our ER. Since DH is going to be out of town Tues through Wed, the dr was going to see if we could move it to Thurs w/o busting the cycle. He was going to check my labs and see but obviously we want to do whatever it is best and we'll adapt to whatever (DH has an appt tomorrow for a 'freezing'). Fast forward a few hours later. The dr calls and said that my levels didn't jive with what the scan was showing. He added another medicine for me to take tonight. I'm to go back tomorrow morning for more labs. So the ER is going to be Wed at the earliest. But we'll see. The problem with Wed is that they are calling for rain/storms and MIL does NOT drive in the rain This is what I meant by her being unreliable. But there is NOTHING I can do about any of it. I am getting pretty excited that I am responding so well. Hope everyone else is doing well.
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    Glad you have some good looking follies. I can't remember which is more accurate...the bloodwork results of the follie scan. I'm thinking the scan. I hope it works out for you to be able to have ER on Thursday so you can have a little less stress through this. It's too bad MIL can't be reliable but at least you know that going into it. Hopefully you won't need to use her though. Let us know how this morning's labs show.

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    I am thinking and praying for you! I really hope that you don't have transportation issues but if there is an issue to have, I would choose that KWIM. I am getting exited with you
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    Wow, you are getting so close!

    I'm sorry you're having issues with transportation. I'm pretty sure you can hire a personal chauffeur. Is this at all possible? Maybe you could look into it?

    I'm keeping everything crossed for you!!! Good luck!!!
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    Only a few more days! So glad the timing is working out for the best. Good luck!!!

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    Good luck!! I am so excited for you!
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