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Update on me

So many things have been going on lately... I'm not sure where to begin. We had a VERY eventful week last week.

Monday the 26th, I received a letter that I was accepted to law school. I finally decided to go back to finish my law degree... I was sick of putting my life on hold in the hopes of having a family. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. I'll be working full-time and going to school part-time. I start in August!! EEK!

Tuesday the 27th is when all hell broke loose! DH and I had taken the day off because we had a 1pm appt in Boston for a 2nd opinion for IVF. Around 9am, we got a call that MIL fainted at work and was in the ER (she works at the hospital)... with her symptoms, they were thinking heart attack, but we weren't exactly sure what was going on. We were really debating what we were going to do... Boston or not? DH was of the opinion that we go since it took so long to get this appt in Boston. We received an update around 11am that his mom was conscious and doing well, so we decided to go to our appt. It's less than an hour away so we could get back pretty quick if we needed to. I'm so glad we went!!! This doc was able to look at my HUGE file (he made a comment about the book on his desk, LOL) and give us some options.

1. He thinks we need to take some time away from TTC and focus on getting healthier (ie- lose weight and get DH's diabetes more under control). I completely agree. We have both been really slacking in that area because well... when we are stressed, we tend to eat more.. and what can be more stressful than IVF??? LOL! He believes we are still young enough (we are 35) that it wouldn't be detrimental to take some time off.

2. He thinks DH and I are "amazing"... he said after everything we've been through re: TTC, he's amazed that we can still laugh/joke and be positive about TTC. We have a great support system.. including you wonderful ladies. You've all kept me sane more than once Smile

3. He doesn't think we actually need IVF!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??? LOL. He thinks that because I got pregnant before on Clomid that my tubes aren't really blocked. He think that my uterus just spasmed during the laprascopy so it looked like my tubes were blocked/partially blocked. He suggests that we do an HSG to be sure about the tube issue. He also said that instead of IVF, he'd like to try me on Metformin in combination with either Clomid or injectibles. I love this idea because quite frankly, I hate needles... the less I have to deal with multiple shots, IV's, etc...the less stressed I'll be!!!!

4. He believes acupuncture would be a great idea (and can't hurt at this point!!) for just overall stress reduction.

5. He also recommended another diagnostic test that is done on sperm. It can identify any genetic issues within DH's sperm. It's more in depth than a sperm analysis. It's not covered by insurance... but it only costs $200-300, so it's definitely not cost prohibitive and will give us peace of mind on that front.

6. He definitely thinks we will be successful. Everything looks good on paper and with a few tweaks (to lifestyle and fertility meds)... we might finally have a family!!!!

The appt was VERY positive overall. I'm so glad we went for a 2nd opinion!!!

On another note, My MIL is doing great! It was confirmed she did have a mild heart attack. She went in for a cardiac cath. and they found one of the arteries at the back of her heart (cardio called it the "smoker's artery") was 100% blocked. He put in 3 stents (spelling??) and it is now open. MIL was home 3 days after her heart attack. She still gets a little tired, but she says she hasn't felt this good in years!!!! It was a huge wake up call for the entire family... she's young (only 55) and healthy otherwise so no one expected her to have a heart attack. MIL has officially quit smoking!! YEAH!

That's it in a nutshell. I'm sorry for the book, but everything just happened at once!!! LOL.


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Wow that is a lot happening at once!!

I'm so glad that you got the 2nd opinion in Boston, I'm very excited for you!

And congrats on getting into law school!

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Wow!!!! You've had a long past few weeks. I was just thinking about you the other day. Thanks for the update!

Congrats on getting into law school. I agree that you might as well go back now. If you wait until you have a family, it may never happen because you'll be busy with your family.

I'm sorry about your MIL but I'm glad she seems to be doing a lot better. Sadly it sometimes takes something like this to change a person's lifestyles. I'm glad she quit smoking.

I'm also glad you made the choice to go to Boston. It sounds like you found a great RE. That is awesome that he doesn't think you'll need to do IVF. There is so much less stress with the plan you have in place, less money, meds, etc.

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Wow! What craziness. Congrats on law school. I'm glad that MIL is doing well. What a great appt. Good luck with everything!

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Hope everything works out.

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Sounds like a lot going on! Glad you liked your new doctor and congrats on law school! Good luck with everything.

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Sounds like lots of positive lifestyle changes will be going on in your house with your MIL, you, and your DH! My DH smoked for 20+ years and quit after the first doctor to ever ask if he was interested in quitting wrote him a 'script for Chantix. That dr. was our RE.

Glad to hear you had such a great appointment. Maybe that was the motivation you and DH needed to work on yourselves! What's your game plan?

And congrats on law school! Focusing on IF can really stall our dreams. Glad to hear you're heading forward with your plans! Smile