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Thread: Update post #12-It worked this time (pregnancy mentioned)

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    Oh, I forgot to post about my blood test. Nurse said everything was fine, and the number online said >5000. So at 5000 that is a better double time than my last test (whew!), but I don't know exactly what it was. I go next week for an US and bloodwork again, but I wonder if they have a different test or something because just knowing it's >5000 doesn't seem useful. I feel a bit better about the whole thing, but I still don't have much nausea, just a little occasionally. Maybe it won't really happen this time. But, it's just what I expect, so I'm still waiting!

    Between 2 cycles of injectables over 3 months and all the progesterone, and the swelling after retrieval, I think I already have a belly. I was trying on dresses and it's noticeable. Yikes. Not complaining at all, but out come the baggy clothes. Would like to keep it under wraps for a while yet, if possible.

    Thanks for all the reassurance and good thoughts, everyone!

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    That's awesome, so happy to read this!! I'm having the same problems, I can barely fit into my pants these days.

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    Me too! I already look 4 months pregnant. I have already put my tighter fitting clothes in storage for the move. I won't fit in those any time soon.

    Everything sounds like it is looking good. We are still not allowing ourselves to get excited until after the ultrasound.

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    That's great that your numbers are so high! I'm excited for you u/s next week.

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