Upset (child mentioned)

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Upset (child mentioned)

This is like the 3rd time DD, who is 4 yr old, hit me in the side or stomach - at least 2 intentionally... and DH is acting like its not a big deal because he doesnt want to fuss at her because she doesnt know better - but she does! Its almost like she is deliberately doing it after I asked her to be gentle around me after coming from my appt yesterday. He thinks I am being too sensitive and that its not that big of a deal - but it is to me and I cant even fuss at her because he tells me to stop... I feel like if this doesnt work, its not only from that but stress of the stupidity! I just wanted to vent - I am becoming a bit of a wreck!! And trying to prepare for the holidays doing this, I feel like its just not going to be good. I was being positive but this last incidence just set me off and onto being negative... On the positive side, the lab called today and said our embryo that we have left is growing enough to be re-frozen if we wanted and I said yes until we find out the results and can make an honest decision.

UPDATE: DH must have seen how upset I was and sat down to say he was sorry. He didnt admit it but I know he is having a hard time saying no or disciplining while he is only home for two weeks and I understand that but I feel like this is so important. He brought DD over and sat down talked to her about how important it was not to do that and that its ok to jump around on daddy but not mommy. He asked her to pinky promise to not to do it again and she apologized and gave me a hug. I feel better but I am still worried!

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It's so hard to have other little ones to take care of while going through all of this. I'm glad DH did see that he was being unreasonable by thinking it wasn't a big deal and apologized. This time is such a rollarcoaster of emotions. Hang in there. We are all here for you to vent your concerns to.

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It is very hard having a little one! Mine is 2 and he is constantly wanting me to hold him and lay on the floor...Take care of yourself and baby Wink