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So, i was suposed to get my lovely AF last week and then start BCP ....and guess what hasn't showed...when i really want it to so we can move along.... ugh.

So i called the fertility clinic cuz we have our nurses meeting friday and i didn't know if we'd be wasting time if we went if i still didn't have my period and my nurse said to just keep it and go, if i don't have my period by wednesay, they'll do blood work and then decicide if they'll medically induce my period....which i REALLY don't want to do. I kinda feel like if i do that (medically induce the period) that ....well, then i'm 'controlling' this and i really have taken a step back and let the cards fall where they may......

I know it may seem stupid, but i feel like that's playing to much of God.... i know that with IVF, sure i can do whatever medcial procedure but in the end, it's still up to Him if it works..ya know and if i medically induce my period....i feel like i'm going against the flow of things(no pun intended).....like there's a reason my period is late, there's a reason why it'll be pushed back another week... I just know that i'm really trying to let go of control....lol

But, anytime the witch wants to come...... in the meantime,...just sitting here waiting...

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I can understand where you are coming from. I hope that your body starts af on its own so you don't have to struggle with making a decision.

How are u feeling?

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Yes, totally understand and have been there more than once. That witch always knows when you want her to show up and when you don't - she's such a witch. lol Hang in there - can't be much longer, right?

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thanks ladies..... still just waiting..... i'm feeling just fine.... i did acupunture a few months ago and ever since then, i don't really get cramps anymore or PMS symptoms, which is a total good thing, but now i never really know when it's coming..lol.

la te da....

How are you all doing?

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Julie...so sorry you are playing the waiting game with AF. It always seems to happen that way, when you want her to come she doesn't and when you don't want her to she does. Happened to me on my last cycle. I hope she comes on her own so you don't have to make the decision to intervene.

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yeah!!! She came!!! So, i have an ultrasound and blood test tomorrow and then start BCP on CD5, which is Saturday! woot!

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Whhoooo hoooo! I hope the time strats to pass quicker for you now!