The waiting is killing me!

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The waiting is killing me!

Total impatience has set in. It is taking so long to get my medications! Long story short, I probably won't have them all until Monday!

I found out that once I get the medications, I have to schedule the training session (only on M or F), and then wait 4 more days to start injections. I hope it will be no later than Feb 6th to start.

I am starting to go crazy. The holdup is getting the drugs. I really want to get this going now!

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I'm so sorry. The wait can feel like you are wading through jello. I hope that the SNAFU with the meds gets cleared up and you get them shortly. I know I keep saying this but time will speed up, I promise! (Or at least it did for me).

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Well, time did just speed up! I should have posted this sooner. Half of the medications arrived early today, the other half are being shipped overnight, and I can do a training class tomorrow! Crossing my fingers this all goes smoothly......

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Yahoo Glad the meds are going to get here and you can get in on tomorrow's class.