Waiting stinks

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Waiting stinks

This is the longest 2ww of my life!!! I had my progesterone test yesterday and results came back good- which didn't surprise me considering we are doing the PIO shots (which, by the way, aren't nearly as bad as I thought they might be). I feel like there is nothing else going on in my brain except counting down the days to Wednesday. Man, its killlllling me. Because of this, I'm thinking I will def POAS early just to have some event to look forward to each day Biggrin I think I'll start Saturday (7dp3dt), which I know is early, but I kind of want to test to make sure it is a neg to indicate the trigger shot is out of my system, the continue testing until Wednesday. I've never been a big POAS pusher, but this cycle feels so different, and I think it will just help my mental state to test. Anyway, just wanted to let you ladies know I'm around, though I've been mostly lurking, and thinking about you all. Now I'm going to go back to staring at a clock with a second hand... Wink

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Still thinking of you. Everything crossed for you!

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Yeah... It is ridiculously hard. Hope you get busy and have a good next few days.

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Maybe with the weekend coming up there will be more to do and keep you busy? Fingers are crossed for you!

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Yes it does!! I really think we all should be put in a drug induced coma during the 2WW. Hang in there!

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How are you doing? Thinking of you!