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Thread: What a rollercoaster! Vent *child ment*

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    Thanks ladies. My son seemed to have calmed down again, so not sure what exactly was going on. Just happy he is himself again. Will make things easier to handle. And he will have a blast! I know my SIL and BIL will be awesome to stay with.

    I did my first Goal-F and Luverif shots today.... My nerves returned again..... This afternoon was really hard. But, maybe its just the initial hurdle that i had to get over.

    Thank you ladies so much for all of our kind words amd support!

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    I'm glad that your son calmed down, sometimes you just never know what's bugging them. My DD has been really up and down this weekend too...we were going to spend the weekend in Banff but b/c she has been particularly tough to calm down, we came home at noon instead of a few hours later into the afternoon.

    Yeah, having to add those extra couple of injections is tough. And then there are different instructions for each injection! I remember stressing out - took me 45 mins to do the 1st set of gonal-f and luveris!! I promise you tho, as it gets into a bit of a routine, it will be less stressful. In the meantime, take it easy on yourself. These are tough times. *hugs*

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