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Thread: When to move to IVF?

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    Thanks, Jean. That's why I love pg.org- it is SO nice to hear from ppl who are/have been in our shoes!

    So I picked up the IVF paperwork from my RE today. It is a serious packet. Obviously, still need to wait for LAP on 18th, I just have a gut feeling they are not going to find anything so thought I would at least read a little more about IVF and see the cost breakdown.

    I started to look at it and actually felt mildly peaceful. That hasn't happened in a while. I'm hoping that's a good sign. Though we still haven't made a decision yet, the more I think about the benefits of just going straight to IVF, I'm leaning in that direction.
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    Even if they find something, I would have a serious talk about how much they think treatment would help (and I am referring to endometriosis which is basically the only reason to do a lap).

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