Worried sick!

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Worried sick!

Nothing can be simple and uncomplicated! I returned to work from lunch, went to the bathroom only to find brownish discharge on the TP.. I have called the nurse twice but she hasnt returned my call yet. I am sick thinking about miscarriage Sad I have an ultrasound on Thursday but I am trying to get it moved to tomorrrow. I am so worried about these babies......

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Sorry you are going through this. Most likely it's nothing, but I'd be worried also. A large percentage of women have spotting during pregnancy. Hopefully the nurse calls you back soon and can more your u/s to tomorrow. Let us know when she calls you back.

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:bigarmhug:So sorry you're dealing with spotting. BTDT. The only thing that ever made me feel a little better was talking to my RE. Still worried though. Hope you get a call from the nurse soon!

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I hope everything is alright... if it makes you feel any better (and I am sure not)... I had some bleeding early in my pg with my 4 yr old and everything was fine... I really hope they will move your appt up for you!!! Your in my prayers!!

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I know nothing can make you feel better until you see those beating hearts on u/s. But please know that early spotting (and brown is better than red) is par for the course with multiples. At 11 wks I had bright red bleeding- not spotting- and the next day at u/s all babies were fine. My MFM explained that spotting/bleeding can be normal for multiple pregnancies. He believes that my bleeding was probably the placenta pulling away from the uterine lining (common in multiples). He had me rest for a few weeks (I'm a yoga teacher so I kept teaching but didn't walk all over the city or do difficult demos) and it was completely gone in 5-6 days. I'm now 24w+ and no more bleeding episodes but a whole new set of worries and concerns. Best thing I can recommend is get an amazing doctor you can trust and educate yourself on multiples pregnancy. Get the Barbara Luke book. I'm sorry to say that the worries are just beginning but of course the payoff will be doubly sweet. You can do this! Prayers, good health and lots of faith will help. PM me if you ever need to vent or talk offline. You can do this!

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No experience but did want to let you know that you (and the babies) are in my T&Ps. KUP. And congrats on the double blessings! So exciting.