Yesterday's appt - Updated

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Yesterday's appt - Updated

*Update* Doctor finally called. Path report was all clear. I ordered my meds and they were 1/20 of what we thought the would be. Waiting to hear back from nurse but hopefully I'll be able to start my injections on Monday morning. That would put the FET around the first full week of Feb.
Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I had limited access to the internet but I'm back. We had our baseline US as well as our nursing class for our FET and they did the biopsy. The US was alright. I had a feeling that I have a cyst which was confirmed but fortunately it won't affect the cycle at all. The biopsy itself was incredibly painful BUT we got a lot of clarification on why exactly they were doing it and what they were looking for. Apparently the doctor is just being super thorough and wants to check out everything. There is something (didn't get the exact name of it and not going to Dr. Google it) that isn't terribly uncommon that women get that is basically an inflammation in the lining. Unless a woman is undergoing care, they don't know they have it. It not fatal and just makes the lining "inhospitable" to implantation. The cure is a 2 wk course of strong anti-biotics and then it's gone. There is no clinical indication that I have it, the doctor just wants to be thorough. That's a HUGE relief for us as DH and I were flipping out for the last week and a half and it took me about 10 mins in the parking lot yesterday morning to psych myself up to go into the clinic. As for the nursing class, it seems that we are still about a month out from our transfer (assuming that all is clear) which is fine. The good news is that we are able to use some of our leftover meds from the last cycle so that's awesome. Hopefully I'll hear from the Dr this week and will be able to start my injections this weekend. I'm getting excited!!! Emotionally I'm feeling a whole lot better. I made the decision about 2 weeks ago that I was tired of being sad and always "on edge". So I'm working on focusing on the blessings in my life. Thanks Meg for your suggestion a few months ago with yoga. It has been life-changing!

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Glad everything went well and that your doc is being very thorough. Even though you have to go through a few extra procedures, it's comforting to know that your doc is trying so hard. I had a cyst during my last cycle. I had a feeling I had a cyst also because I always had pain on one side. That follicle just grew bigger with stims (but you don't have to worry about it since you won't be stimming). It also made my E2 numbers a little higher. I'm sure the meds for the FET will be a breeze compared to a fresh cycle.

Glad you are emotionally doing better. That will help you prepare for this upcoming cycle. Sometimes we just have to strong to ourselves and tell ourselves this is what we are going to do and move on. Glad you are enjoying yoga. I took a break and am now trying to get back into it along with Zumba.