Can I comment on articles or blogs?

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Can I comment on articles or blogs?

Absolutely! Our site is built By Parents, For Parents TM! This means that we depend on your contributions! Every article, public blogs (created "by" or your fellow members!), our wall (FRIEND US!), and more -- all are open and waiting for your comments! You can even start or join in a discussion within the comment sections!

How do you get started? Visit any of our content (try clicking on the path that interests you, watch for promotions throughout the boards, check in our RSS feeds, etc.) -- read through... scroll down below the end and there you will find the comment block just waiting for your words of wisdom to weigh in. Whether you love it or hate it -- let us (and others!) hear from you!

*Note: You MUST be logged in through the homepage in order to comment as this is a member-only feature!

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