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Help! Small text

Not sure if anyone here can help me, cause it is more a problem on my end then the site, but my son pressed a bunch of keyboard buttons when I was on here and 'shrunk' everything on this site. So the text is really small and hard to read. I have no idea what he pressed and even when I leave and come back this site is always small. Its driving me crazy! Anyone have any idea how to fix it?

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Depending on your browser, you'll go to tool, view...

Click to change to 100% or normal. Should fix it. Smile

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Sorry for just seeing this now... I hope you've managed to figure it out, but if not you can try what Jules posted above or I know that holding the CTRL key down while rolling the scroll wheel thingie on the top of your mouse back and forth will also enlarge/reduce the size of what is on your screen.

HTH and please let us know if that works so we can brainstorm some more if we need to! Smile