How can I create my own "wall" / member page?

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How can I create my own "wall" / member page?

Creating Your "Wall"

When you log in through our homepage, you will automatically be taken to your profile. If you were already logged in, visit the homepage and click "My Profile". Next, click on the link to "Create your Member profile":

On your first visit you will view the screen below. As it states, all you need to do is click on "Save" as shown!

Go ahead and post a status message to appear on your very own "Wall"!

After you have saved, let's see what you created!

To get back to your wall anytime from your profile page you will click on the link from your profile page that says "Go to My Member Page" directly under your username on your profile page:

When you visit your wall now you will be able to see your previous status messages, polls and blog posts "feed" that you've made, see the latest from those you have "friended" (including and partners), get messages in your inbox, and more! You'll want to check in daily to get updates and share some of your own!

Take just a minute more to learn about "friending"!?

Need help? Drop me a note here on the board, via private message, or email at [][/EMAIL]!