If there are messages by a member that you do not wish to see/read, you can place them on your Ignore list.

To place someone on your Ignore list, click on Forum Actions (located near the top center) and select Edit Profile. Next, click "Edit Ignore List" under Settings & Options in Your Control Panel in the left hand column. Enter their username in the space provided and click on the Okay button.

Once you have done so these posts will be hidden when you read a thread. When you come across a hidden thread it will tell you that that user is on your Ignore list. If you decide you want to read the post, you will have the option to do so by clicking on View Post on the right hand side of the page.

You will also no longer receive private messages from any user on your ignore list.

Please note: Should you decide to place anybody on your Ignore or Friend list, to prevent hurt feelings, we ask that you please keep this information confidential and do not share who is on your lists with other members. To do so could result in the temporary deactivation of your account.