I might be pg??

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I might be pg??

I wasn't thinking I was going to pregnant any time soon, but on September 14th i noticed i had some spotting for a couple of days, and i just figured i had an early period. So i was suppose to start my period yesterday and nothing. I was doing some research and noticed I could of had just "implantation" back on the 14th and not an early period. the only "symptom i am having is acid reflex on everything i eat! and sleeplessness... I am nervous in taking a test:) Nervous it might turn negative:(

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Welcome to Pregnancy.org!

You are correct that it may have been implantation bleeding. As you haven't started your cycle as expected, it sounds like it may be a good time to test as the previous poster suggested. Smile Remember, first morning urine is likely to give you the most accurate result although many tests at this stage of your cycle will likely be responsive regardless of the time of day IF hCg is present in levels to indicate you are pregnant.

Be sure to check out our Do You See a Line board if you are questioning whether the line you see is "really" a line. If you get the positive you seem to be seeking - find and join your new birth club to meet up with other newly pregnant folks as you begin this journey!

If you do not get the result you want, think about joining in our Trying to Conceive (TTC) 0 - 12 months board. There you can learn more about how to optimize your chances next month!

Finally, if you do still have not started your cycle within another week and yet have a negative pregnancy test result, you may wish to schedule an appointment with your doctor to get checked.

Good luck! Be sure to post back and let us know that test result!

~Missy (missyj@pregnancy.org)

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Did you test? I'd love to see the results! GL - I hope you get the results you're looking for!

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So, Tomorrow I will be 7 days of my missed period. Took a test the 2nd day it didnt come, and negative. took one today(morning) 6days late, and again negative!:( Tomorrow morning I have a Doctors appointment! going to have a blood test, hopefully Ill know my results asap!!! Blum 3

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Best of luck! Do let us know when you are able. Whatever the result, we hope you will continue to share your journey to parenthood with us!


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I am 12 days past my period and am having a very similar experience! However I have takena total of 5 HPTs (all were negative). Instead of sending me for a blood test my doc sent me for a urine test at the hospital :confused:
Let me know how you make out! I hope to have my results in a few days.

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Good luck with your appt!

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