Update/Complete Your Profile (key to unlocking new features!)

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Update/Complete Your Profile (key to unlocking new features!)

Completing your profile

Navigate to the Pregnancy.org homepage at Pregnancy Week by Week Calendar, Info and Tools | Pregnancy.org (or by clicking on the "Home" button.) Once there, log into your account by entering your username and password in the blocks provided at the right center. If you are already logged in, your username will appear within this block.

Click on "My Profile" directly under your username (again, in the center right block.)
You may be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the site. Check the box as shown and then "Confirm".

The next screen appears as shown below. This member's profile is incomplete. Members that joined *after* November 2008 will typically not have this issue. Those that joined *prior to* November 2008 that have not taken a few minutes to complete this process will have difficulties staying logged in and will not be able to tap into the features we have available!

Currently, she also has the default avatar instead of a personal one. Also ? no paths have been selected. Paths are the areas that you are most interested in. Selecting *your* paths will then customize the site even more for you.

Let's walk through the steps to complete the profile. If you run into any problems email MissyJ at [EMAIL=missyj@pregnancy.org]missyj@pregnancy.org[/EMAIL] :

Changing Email address and/or Password

Click on "Edit":

On this screen (as shown below), you can update your email address, change your password (don't forget to enter a second time to confirm!), select your paths (Getting Pregnant, Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery, and/or Baby and Beyond), upload your profile picture, select your time zone, and more.

Choose Your Path by checking the box as indicated below:

Next, add your profile picture by selecting an image from your computer:

The dimensions of this image were slightly bigger than allowed. It was automatically resized.

Don?t forget to scroll to the bottom and save! You will receive a confirmation.

Filling Required Fields

Click on the ?Profile? tab as shown:

Be certain, at minimum, to complete all the fields required as indicated by the red *:

Add a note to your bio to let others know a little something about you!

Don?t forget to save!

Now you are ready to create your own Pregnancy.org member page/wall, learn about "friending", how and where you can interact with us, how to "like" and "share", adding your comments, and much more!

Need assistance? Drop me a note on this board, via private message, or email me at [EMAIL=missyj@pregnancy.org]missyj@pregnancy.org[/EMAIL]!