What can I "like" and "share"?

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What can I "like" and "share"?

EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile Ok... at least close to it! On articles, blogs, any content we have -- you'll find the "Like" and numerous "Share" options available at both the top and bottom including Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Digg, etc.:

On the forums, at the top left of every thread (in Internet Explorer) you will find the Facebook "Like" buttons:

Then, within every POST -- you'll have the opportunity to "Like" or "Share" (bottom right of any post as shown):

The sharing options for posts offer a variety of choices such as Twitter, Digg, and more. Post "Likes" are onsite only, as a fun way to let a fellow member know you particularly agree or "Like" their post! The total # of "Likes" given per thread appear at the top as shown:

These "Pregnancy.org "Likes" show up on your profile page as the # of likes given and received! You can click on it and see who liked your post(s)! Bottom line, "Like" and "Share" as much as you want... and then some! We are very excited to have you let your friends, family, and other connections know about all we have to offer!

Have questions or need further assistance? Ask on this board, drop me a private message, or email me at [EMAIL=missyj@pregnancy.org]missyj@pregnancy.org[/EMAIL]!