What is "Friending"? Who can I "friend"?

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What is "Friending"? Who can I "friend"?


As a valued member of Pregnancy.org we want to be certain that you receive our very latest updates, new articles, announcements, reviews, etc. We also have some wonderful partners with terrific content to share. We invite you to "friend" our Pregnancy.org Partners pages now! You are able to "friend" other Pregnancy.org members too!

Friending "Pregnancy.org" and Partners

Begin by scrolling down to the purple bar near the bottom of the page where shown. Click first on Pregnancy.org icon to head to our page:

You are now on Pregnancy.org's "Wall"! Please click on the star to "Friend" our page! Want to send us a message, ask a question, etc.? We welcome you to post it here! We love hearing from you!

Now, continue on and click on the icons in the purple bar for our other partners! For each, you will then go to their "walls", can click on the star to add them as friends, etc. Have a question, comment, or message you'd like to share with them? Go for it!

Friending Other Pregnancy.org Members

A new way to connect with your friends onsite! "Friend" other members and easily share/receive their latest "status" updates; allow them to receive automatic updates on your latest blog entry or reviews (and get theirs too!) You can even send them private messages of support and encouragement! Let's get connected! Here's how:

Method 1:
Do a search for your friend's username(s). Type the username in the search field, then click the search icon as shown:

Next, click on the "Users" tab.

It will bring up all the options available. Select the one you wish to "friend":

You will land on the member's profile page.

Click on "Go to member_username." Now you can "friend" the member, ask questions, add comments to say hello, private message, and more!

Method 2:

Looking for a shortcut? If you share mutual "friends" with another member, simply go to their "wall", scroll to their "friends" box, and click on the profile picture for the user you wish to "friend". You'll then be taken directly to their member page/wall. Once there, click to "friend"! That's it!

We're very pleased to introduce you to all our new and enhanced features! Now, it is up to you to dive in and enjoy! If you need assistance at anytime, please contact me at [EMAIL=missyj@pregnancy.org]missyj@pregnancy.org[/EMAIL]!