Where / how can I interact with "Pregnancy.org"?

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Where / how can I interact with "Pregnancy.org"?

We love talking with our members! All of us on your Admin team are "parents" too! Onsite, drop by our Pregnancy.org "Wall" daily. You'll find me there, (along with Mollee, our GM when she's able!) We *want* you to respond to our postings... contributing your thoughts, sharing, and hopefully enjoying a laugh or two. (Goodness knows on this journey to parenthood we all need those!)

Also, know that since Pregnancy.org is member driven, (By Parents, For Parents is our mantra!), realize that our wall is YOURS to contribute to as well! Post a question or comment! Share a review! Drop us a private message -- any time! In other words, we want YOU to start conversations *and* participate in them too!

While you are on our wall, please "Friend Us!" Friending is easy! Click on the star beneath our Pregnancy.org image on the left as shown:

Once you are our "friend" you can receive feeds to your personal member page / wall to let you know when there's a new post, article, blog, and more happening! To learn more about setting up your own page, friending, and more -- check out our Features Guide!


You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so much more! We take part in comment discussions on our content (articles, blogs, etc.), weigh in on conversations on the boards from debates to "Congrats!" threads as we share in your excitement! Pregnancy.org is ALL of us -- together! Talk to us today!