"Cutie of the Day" feature! 1st up - ED!

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"Cutie of the Day" feature! 1st up - ED!

Check out our "Cutie of the Day" ? Ed! Thanks to mom, Lizbet22 for sharing! Don't forget to Like our page on Facebook while you're there!

I would like to make this a regular feature, but I'll need your help! If you are willing to have your little one(s) featured as a part of our Cutie of the Day, please send me a private message or email to [email]missyj@pregnancy.org[/email] with either a link to a photo or send one as an attachment along with how you wish to have it acknowledged (i.e. for instance Liz chose to have me use her Pregnancy.org username and Ed's first name. We can use first names only or - if you wish -- have it linked to your Facebook or Twitter handle.

Thanks again Liz! Ed is such a doll! Smile


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