Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts! Join in!

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Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts! Join in!

We know that many members of our community have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. While the initial storm may have passed, the recovery efforts will be ongoing -- some for years to come. Now many of these same areas are bracing for a nor'easter to move in... bringing with it harsh cold temperatures, more potential power outages, flooding (minor in comparison -- but STILL adding to the pain/suffering of so many); and possible snow accumulation.

Hurricane Sandy -- how you can help

There are many pressing needs:

Power, gas, food, shelter, water, clothing, blankets, cleaning supplies, and more.

Those near the hardest hit areas already are actively involved in the recovery efforts. Visit city/state government sites for more specific recovery efforts and needs. These sites provide information on applying for federal aid, local shelters, power updates, distribution centers, and more. You may wish to check their official Facebook and Twitter pages too!

For all of us further away, know that there are still many opportunities to help out! It does pay, however, to be cautious when doing so as "Relief" scams are prevalent online.

Locally, look at organizations in your area that may be accepting donations of gently used clothing and toys, water, non-perishable food items, diapers, warm blankets, cleaning supplies, gloves, masks, batteries, etc. Verify that they are a known charitable organization that you can trust to get your donations dispersed as intended.

For those seeking ways to reach out online with greatly needed cash donations, Charity Navigator has pulled together an excellent guide for those offering aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Check the link for the most up to date version of this list.

For all of our families that either are directly impacted or have loved ones in these areas, please know you have the positive thoughts and prayers of our community. Please let us know if there is any other way that we may offer you support. Feel free to contact me directly anytime if I can help pass a message along or simply to check in.

Stay safe,

~Missy (

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