Moms supporting moms -- it takes a website

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Moms supporting moms -- it takes a website

Being a parent -- or even the journey to become one -- is stressful, exciting, challenging, and one of the best "jobs" on the planet! Having support throughout is often viewed as a lifeline by our members. Generations ago, new moms (or moms-to-be) were able to reach out to family for advice and sharing. Today, families are scattered hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of miles from relatives and longtime friends. Rather than exchanging ideas / advice over the backyard fence, women are now reaching out to develop their own virtual communities for support, encouragement, and inspiration. This actually served as the driving force for the birth of eleven years ago!

As today's anniversary activity, we invite you to visit "Moms supporting moms -- it takes a website." You'll find a few examples of how you've touched one another's lives and truly made a difference! We want you to share an example of the support you've found (or seen) onsite within the comments to add to our story! is one of the best online parenting sites available because of you! Visit "Moms supporting moms -- it takes a website."and showcase your contribution today!