Our Halloween Guide! Costumes, recipes, crafts & more!

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Our Halloween Guide! Costumes, recipes, crafts & more!


Let Your Halloween Costume Announce Your Pregnancy!: Did you recently get that BFP or perhaps you've been waiting to share that you're expecting? Why not let your costume do it for you? Get inspiration!

Trending costumes for pregnant gals: Expecting? Plan what to wear whether you go trick-or-treating or to a more "adult" fare!

Make Your Pregnant Belly a Pumpkin this Halloween!: Showcase that expectant belly this year!

Latest Halloween costumes ideas for your baby: Get your newest addition in on the act this Halloween!

Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family: Get started with planning your "spook attire" with these suggestions!

Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes: Set your imagination free - all without breaking the bank! Explore these ideas and get ready for ghoulish fun!

Pregnant women have options this Halloween! This is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of your baby bump and incorporate it into your costume theme!

Create a spooky ensemble this Halloween: It's getting closer to Halloween, and time is running out for those who don't yet have a costume.

Create unique costumes for your family this Halloween: You really don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get the look you're trying to achieve. Here are three do-it-yourself costumes that can help you out or inspire something completely original.

Create a Halloween Costume: Scarecrow: More humble than straw, a scarecrow costume works for any age! This costume is easy on the pocketbook, made of recycled materials and simple to make. It's even super quick to put together, so works well for the "last-minute" trick-or-treater!

Belly "Boo" Costumes: From whimsical to historical re-enactment your imagination (and budget) is the only "confinement." Get started creating an unmatchable costume!


Frightfully fun family-friendly Halloween: Great ideas to make your family's Halloween spooktacular!

Build a haunted gingerbread house: Want a delightfully scary (and delicious) centerpiece on your Halloween spread? Tap that creative genius (for this -- think more like Dr. Jekyll meets the Werewolf!) as you create this treat!

Recipe: Pumpkin spice latte with biscotti: Move over Starbucks! This is definitely one worth savoring!

Halloween three bean salad: Feed this to your crew before heading out for your Halloween adventure. Your trick-or-treaters will stay full longer with this protein rich side dish!

Recipe: Cheesy gnarled witch's fingers: Try this fun (and appetizing) treat for your next Halloween gathering! Serve with a rich marina sauce for a delicious snack that is bound to delight.

Recipe: Fresh baked pumpkin seeds: It oozes. It squishes. It makes a big mess! Yes, it is time to carve that pumpkin again! This year, task your kids with saving the seeds to make a delicious (and nutritious) snack.

Crafts & Activities

Window makeovers for Halloween: Discover ways you can turn 'ordinary' into something frightfully good!

Halloween scrapbooking -- save your little pumpkins: Showcase your favorite little 'goblin' photos in a unique way to last for generations to come!

Halloween face painting ideas: Hosting a kid's Fallfest or Halloween party? Maybe you'd like to add a spooky touch before you head out for community festivals or over to grandma's! You'll find inspiration here!

Fun Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating:

Have a frightfully green Halloween: Combine eco-friendly with EEK-o-friendly! Learn how you can reduce, reuse, and recycle this Halloween -- saving the earth and your wallet!

Halloween crafts your toddler can make: Toddlers can be downright exhausting! Channel that energy, if even for a few moments with these crafts! You're bound to enjoy their "masterpiece!"

Last Minute Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers: These activities will help entertain the younger set!

Don't be scared to get crafty this Halloween: You don't have to be a master crafter to bring the spirit of the holiday to your home!

Even more articles!

Halloween candy safety tips: Before you go trick-or-treating, take a moment to check out these important tips. A few simple steps can help you keep the kids safe without diminishing the fun factor!

10 ways to "just say no" to Halloween candy
: Is the Halloween candy temptation hitting you hard? Step away from the dish (or bag if you haven't made it that far!) Learn ways to overcome your addiction -- before you actually *are* what you eat!

Make Halloween Safe for Your Toddler: Run down our list of safety tips to keep your curious wee one out of trouble!

Stay Safe on Halloween: National Safety Council compiled this list to stay safe!

Halloween -- how scary is too scary
?: Children react differently to those things that go "bump in the night", even when they know it is all in the spirit of Halloween! Parents remain divided on how much fright is ok -- some trying to make that determination for others! Where do you stand?

Halloween double-dare -- how many doorbells can you ring? This presents the perfect ammunition to help resist those candy temptations in favor of something that will have a far better impact on your backside!

Halloween fun for kids with special needs: Parents of special needs child will find several ideas that you can use to make this holiday enjoyable for all!

Halloween treats you can conjure up at the last minute: Are you still trying to come up with something to bring to your Halloween or Fall Harvest gathering? These concoctions will please all your hungry ghosts (oops - guests!)

Top 10 Things to Do with Leftover Halloween Candy: When November 1st hits, I'm already thinking -- this candy HAS. TO. GO!! I don't need the pounds and the kids certainly do not need MORE energy from a sugar high! This year will be different ('sez I!) I'm going to try one of these ideas!