Why women failed to getting pregnancy?

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Why women failed to getting pregnancy?

1. Improper diet and eating unhealthy diet are big issue or causes to decrease fertile in women body.

2. Increasing or old age is also big issue that women faces lot of difficult to get pregnancy or some time that failed to get experience of pregnancy. Increasing old age decrease the fertility rate in body and then high risk to get infertility and it should be treated fast if she want to get pregnancy.

3.Addicted of alcohol, smoking and coffee also decrease the rate of fertility and women are failed to get pregnancy.

4. Couple need to stay free of stress then try to go for any sexual attempt it will make your time loving and romantic then sperm counting will come more and easy chance to get pregnancy in first or second attempt so need to avoid stress and depression.

5. Most of women are old age are get over weight and this is also the cause to failed to getting pregnancy.

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