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New Year! New Resolutions!

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The New Year brings New Hope. This years my husband and I are going to do everything to mike our dreams come true of having a baby. We have already started on our New Years Resolution. We need a surgery for I can try to conceive again. I had a tubal ligation after my daughter was born back in 1998 not knowing what my future would bring. Resolution number one. Save enough money to get my tubes reversed. Mike has just started a second job and our first deposit into savings should be this Wednesday. Resolution number two I have to lose weight or the doctor will not do the surgery.

Teaching Kids About Money

You know how important it is to teach kids about money. What you might not realize, however, is just how early Junior's money management education should begin. Most money experts recommend that a child's money management education start as soon as he is able to grasp the basic concept of money