Family Finances

Starting a New Job

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I've taken the leap and started my full time job. It's making everything more real. I'll be pregnant soon and dealing with a whole new set of challenges on top of learning a new job. It may be a little too much too soon, but I was already on the path to a baby before this job came along. I decided that I didn't want to change my family plan because of a professional opportunity.

The Decision

Well I've decided that I'd really like to be a mom someday. My boyfriend has two children already, ages 10 and 11. I treat them like my own and love them to death, but like his daughter says.. "I'm a mom, but not a real one". Both live with us full time because their mom ran off with some dude to FL about a year ago and never even calls. We just found out she was arrested for selling coke... what a winner. Anyway, his son has severe autism and can be a handful. We have our whole house under lock-and-key, not to mention he started urinating anywhere he pleases.