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Finding cheaper protein to help cut down your grocery budget

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For a family of four within the US, the average food bill is from $586 to $1,159. Meat makes up for forty percent or more of that spending budget. Reducing your grocery spending budget is something individuals are investigating as food costs are expected to rise within the next five years. Eating cheaper shouldn’t mean eating less healthy.

Recall On Childrens Medicine 2010 - Tylenol, Motrin Involved

The FDA-backed, company-announced recall on children's medicine 2010 has been issued. This recall on childrens medicine 2010 encompasses many medicines, including over-the-counter Tylenol and Motrin. If you report your recalled medicine to the company, you can get a small loan in the form of a coupon or refund.

I am 35 years old, and my husband and I have recently decided to try for a baby

I am 35 years old, and my husband and I have recently decided to try for a baby.
I am worried that this journey may difficult, first I am 35 years old, I have sleep apnea - been treated for the past 4 years with a c-pap- and I am over weight. I graduated in May of 2009 and I have been working on getting into shape & eating better, but the weight is very slow to come off.

How Will Pregnancy Affect Workout Routine for Sychronized Swimmer?

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I'm a competitive synchronized swimming coach and I found out today that one of the elite athletes I coach is 12 weeks pregnant. She's 20 years old, has always been diagnosed as somewhat underweight and under-muscled, and says she intends to continue university and her training.

Luckily her family will support her in this, and she will be able to keep her scholarship if she continues training, even if she misses a few minor competitions.