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Blood Pressure

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Dear Midwife,
I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at age 23, cause unknown.

I'm now 28 and want to know is it safe for me to become pregnant. I'm worried about pre-eclampsia etc.

I've had two normal full term pregnancies before this was diagnosed and had no trouble with blood pressure then. I am taking lercanidipine 10mg & perindopril 8mg daily

Thank you

Can a Picky Eater Have a Good Prenatal Diet?

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Dear Nutritionist,
I know you're suppose to drink lots of milk but I don't like milk. I didn't even like it before I was pregnant.

I'm also not fond of vegetables. The only veggie I eat are greens and I am a very picky eater.

I've been trying to figure what types of things to eat I have a list from the doctor but it just does not seem be working. What am I suppose to do about this situation?

Gym Membership for Pregnant Women

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Dear Fitness Expert,
My husband and I are now planning for a baby very soon and want to get our bodies in shape both mentally and physically. I am uncertain if I should join a gym for physical fitness.

Our daily course of work is not physically demanding. My husband is very active in his gym training and has been doing weights for months. I, on the other hand, have been very lazy but I want to do some sort of a physical exercise now. My body mass weight is in proportion to my height. I'm 5'6 and weigh 58kgs.

I really like dance-aerobics or aerobics...


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Ok so as everyone can see or read I'm 36 weeks pregnant. My b.f was telling me yesterday oh as soon as you give birth you better lose weight my weight has never been an issue since we got together and all of a sudden it is then i told him well if you want a skinny B*tch then go out and find your self one hes always making fun of me and i don't no what to tell him or say to him it bothers me and now more that my hormones are off the wall. Any advice?????

Here we go again...

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Well, here I am sitting here wondering what exactly my baby is doing & how he/she is growing thus far. I didn't think that I could get pregnant again as I was told by my dr that I had a syst on my ovary(found out when I was diagnosed with pneumonia), was devastated as I was hoping to have had one more before I retire my womb for good. I have to admit that when I found out I cried because of the fact I already am feeling the "old" thing kick in as I will be 41 by the time that this baby is due, and tend to overthink what could go wrong because of my age.

18 and Pregnant, Where Do I Start?

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Dear Nutritionist,
Ok well I just found out this morning that I am pregnant( I took 2 tests)( I am 18). I'm going to a doctor this Friday to get started on my journey but honestly I'm in a rut. I live with my boyfriend and 2 of our friends in a 2 bedroom and of course we don't eat right all the time. Between college and working nights its really hard to. I don't even know like what to avoid or what I should eat more of.

I really just don't know...Help ...Please..

Stretch Marks

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For anyone out there wanting to keep stretch marks away, a friend told me during my 1st pregnancy to use Bag Balm. You get it at any drug store. It is a nasty looking, nasty smelling and very greasy. I was huge with my son and I smeared it faithfully all over my stomach and breasts. I never got one stretch mark on my entire body from pregnancy. Now I am 6 months pregnant with my 2nd child and faithfully smearing bag balm all over again, and I have elastic skin. Not one stretch mark appearing.