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Give Up Training to Conceive?

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I already have a beautiful 21-month-old girl and we have been trying for our second baby. So far nothing has happened. Could my exercise regime be the cause? To shed baby weight after the last pregnancy I took up exercise. I use the treadmill and weight train more or less 5 times a week and love it as I feel really fit and healthy. Do I have to give up training to conceive?

Weight Gain

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Dear Nutritionist,
Help! I feel terrible about myself!

My question is about excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Before my pregnancy, I was very happy with my size - 5'6" and 128 pounds. I'm now 23 weeks pregnant and have gained 24 pounds. I'm worried that I'm on track to gain an excessive amount of weight. I'm too afraid to ask my doctor about this because she is very heavy and I don't want to be offensive.

First and foremost, the baby is doing great - very healthy and growing beautifully.

What's the Best Breast Support for Nursing Moms?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I did fine during pregnancy. I kept jogging until about the last 7 weeks. Then I walked. I assumed I could just pick up again once the baby was here. I have the okay from the doctor to start jogging again, but here's the problem. I'm breastfeeding and my boobs HURT when I run.

What can I do to lessen the pain? I am really looking forward to being on the go again.