I have never had a sonogram before, so of course whenever the doctor said, "Remove everything below the waist," it only made sense to ask if she meant shoes as well. When she said it was my choice, as she was leaving the room, I hurriedly removed all garmets, placing my cold callused, unpainted toenails in the stirups. My first prenatal appointment, and I'd asked a dumb question in the first minute of being in the presence of a woman who could potentially deliever my baby someday. The journey begins....

Spotting or AF? Has anyone experienced this?

Has anyone experienced a semi-heavy spotting? As far as right now i am unsure if i am pregnant.I have had been sexually active all last week. Now i might be spotting or i may have my period. However, i'm not supposed to get my period untill the 22nd and i got whatever this is the 14th. It was extremely light the 1st day, heavy the next, and now its back to light and it seems to have stopped. It's also a deep redish brown.

very confused

ok i have a problem and i need advice asap ok my LMP started on feb.8 and it was suppose to come on march 10 and it didnt i went to the hospital and they did a urine test on march 15th it came out negative my period still hasnt return i had some light spotting on 19th but it lasted a few seconds my period is never late like tis i have 2 other kids and i have been having symptoms like nausea vomitting tender breast i went to see my family doctor on 18th but he wouldnt give me a test due to i told him the on at the hospital came out negative the 16th i feel like i am but is not sure please hel

can i fall pregnant with a marina

i have had my marina in for neally a yr now i havent bleed for the past 3months and i am getting dizzy sick feeling heart burn and very sore breasts im scared to take a test......... i have read some of the blogs and they talk about cheaking for the strings on the iud i didnt know i had to ......
im starting to get worried now..........
my partener thinks that there is no way they i could be pregnant .....but is there???????
can the iud give u symtomes of pregnancy or a false reading on a test???????????

confused and scared!!

Hi im Naomi im 23 years old, i found out i was pregnant last was unexpected as i had split with boyfriend. i used the clear blue test and it said i had concieved 1-2 weeks ago, on sunday i was in very bad cramps and light bleeding so i ended up in hospital for tests. i had a scan which showed nothin as it could be 2 early, but my bloods had been repeated in 2 days and they said my hormone levels are low, they had gone up but not to what they expect it to. im so scared and feel so alone...


My husband and I have been together for four years and have been married for a year and a half. Now that i've graduated from nursing school we have decided that is time to try and have a family. We tried in January. I'm not sure what my exact fertile widow is. My last period was jan 8th and we tried between the 15th and the 24th about 5-6 times.I took a test today and it was negative. My period is due around the 5th to the 7th.