This morning just happened to be one of those mornings where I woke up and felt that I was snapping at Bobby. Yes now the more I sit at work away from him and think about it I do feel that some of my moodiness was uneccessary but how do I avoid it? I have been pretty good throughout my pregnancy, moodiness that is. I don't feel that I have been the pregnant woman from hell. Maybe he can say differently but I would honestly be shocked if he did. I don't know, I do know I am just not feeling that I am myself today.

How to tell the father

How do you tell the father, that you are pregnant? Not really knowing how they will take it, or even how well they will take it. I mean I know that some say that they know as soon as it happens but is that really true? My daughter's father never knew until I told him and then I just couldn't stand him afterwards. But this one I think that he already knows and if he doesn't know I think that he is really trying to get one from me. So how do you tell him that he has made an accomplishment and now it is time to hold on to his end?


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Well my boyfriend and i have been trying to concieve for a while
This month we are trying somthing differnt,
Well i am Wiccan and we have decided to do a pregnancy spell (tested and proven)
Instead of doing it all myself i have a lady who has been doing witchcraft for over 20years do half the spell for me,
She summons the god and godess of fertility and cast the spell into a ring and give me the ring, i wear the ring and i do another part of the spell during my ovulation period,

I am wiccan and i belive!
I will keep you informed on how it goes!

Bless all.


I am really ready to have a baby,but my husband says he isnt ready and that we have to wait even longer. We have been together for 9 years and I am tired of waiting. I dont know what to do. Does anyone have any advice???

Sex During Pregnancy: What's His Problem?

We've interviewed hundreds of men around the world for our Being Dad films and color, religion or nationality doesn't matter; some men can have sex during pregnancy and some can't. Many women have told us that when their man tells them they aren't interested or can't do it that they perceived it was because he didn't find them attractive in their later stages of pregnancy.

Getting pregnant

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well my boyfriend and i have been trying to concive for a few months and nothing has worked out.

Well the doctor wants to put me on fertility drugs but i dont have any troubble ovulating.

though we have jus decided not to try everyday!
We have been having sex everyday of the month hoping to get pregnant

Then i realized it takes a few days for the sperm to mature
So this month were just going to have sex on my most fertile days.

We have the ovulation kit and my boyfriends taking tablets to help his fertility.

so hopefully this month we concieve!!