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depression . I was sad but i decided to move on . Of April of last year I got married , and months later I became pregnant. I still am now pregnant with my baby girl who I plan on naming , Lola . I am due in September and life has been well to me . My twins have started pre-k , and are very intelligent . So I hope to continue on to the future , hopefully having my next child in 4 years . I have to let the past go . Now my mom is in my life and comes to see her grandchildren alot .

How Can Military Dads Stay Involved With Their Families?

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Dear Mr. Dad,
My wife and I are expecting our first child. The problem is that I'm in the US Marine Corps on tour in Iraq. I have been here since the beginning of the pregnancy and I might not be there for the birth of our child.

My wife is having a hard time doing this on her own and I feel that there's nothing I can do to support her. I'm reading your book, The Expectant Father, which I find very helpful. But do you know of any resources that are specifically aimed at military dads and/or their families?

Parenting Kids & Dogs

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After having already had three children and a houseful of dogs and cats I pretty much thought I was prepared for our fourth baby, Kelsyann. I'm an experienced Mom right?!? This should be easy.

Well boy was I wrong! From the beginning Kelsyann has been a needy baby. Nothing that worked with the others seemed to work for her. This has been interesting, frustrating and challenging at best!

I want to pull my hair out !

Uhhhh .....

Today is not my day. I think I may have gotten a dose of the sickness to come this morning. Newly pregnant and newly impatient. I am young and trying to get a job but the mother is pushing me back. I respect the fact she loves me and has been supporting me and my son since day one, but i am trapped in thee four walls all day till 8 and job hunting at 8 at night is not as easy.

Divorce and Your In-Laws

Grandparents are an important part of your child's life. You may not like or respect your in-laws, but their bond with your child is real and does deserve to be supported. Unless your in-laws place your child in danger, it is usually a good idea for your child to have contact with them.